10 Awesome ToeNail Art Designs

Toenail art is one of the well-known parts of the fashion industry. Women’s toes can be just as decorative as their fingers or wrists, and with some great toenail art, you can give your whole body a pop of color and shine. Here are 10 awesome toenail art designs that will have everyone taking notice when you slip into those heels or sandals to go out on the town.
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1) Lacy Patterns in Black

It’s pretty easy to add a little extra flair to your nails using plain black nail polish. That is if you don’t feel like breaking out all of your toenail art supplies. Using tiny strips of tape makes it easy to create straight and curved lines that complement any look. Line up pieces of thin Scotch tape at different lengths and widths on your toe and paint over them. Because there is so much room for experimentation, you can play around with designs until you find something you like!

2) Glitter in Red

In addition to looking glamorous, glitter in red is also on-trend. While you may be tempted to add a little sparkle to your toes all year round, a statement like that can get old pretty quickly. This time of year, your best bet is a bold red hue with festive sparkles and embellishments. Glitter use in toenail art is very famous idea to make your nails more beautiful.

3) White and Gold

It may be surprising, but not all toenail art designs are floral or bright. Bright and bold colors can often look too childish for some women, but there are other options available that make any nail artist proud. White and gold always looks classy no matter what you’re wearing or where you are going, so add some sparkle to your toes while you’re at it!

4) Various Colors

As a good toenail art, you can use your favorite colors to express yourself. You can do some little polka dots with different colors or put some thin lines on your nails in different color. It will look very cute and fabulous! And if you want to make these nail designs into colorful toe nail art, you should use three or more colors on your toes. But don’t try too many colors at first time. If it looks good and makes you happy, then go for it!

5) Black Nails with Gold Accents

Black nails are always a classic and is never out of style. But with spring being right around corner, why not switch it up? Add a shiny, gold accent to your black mani for a killer look that you can wear for months to come. Since gold is so hot, you will have no trouble matching these bad boys with any color!

6) Purely White

This is an adorable toenail art idea that you can easily try out. Start with a base coat of your favorite nude shade and then apply a white polish on your big toes. Once that dries, use some white tape to create horizontal stripes right in between each toe. Apply two coats of clear topcoat on top for a shiny finish. This is best for spring and summer when you’re wearing sandals or flats.

7) Butterfly Pattern

The butterfly pattern is a simple toenail art design that can be worn by many people. It is so simple that anyone can do it at home without any professional help. These designs are great for summer days because they aren’t as heavy and complicated as some of the other designs available to you. They are also very light and easy to match with all of your outfits, depending on where you go or what you will be doing that day.

8) Tips in Varying Lengths

If you have short nails, you can use an ombre effect to make them appear longer. This involves using a dark color for your base and then painting with lighter shades as you move toward your cuticle. Using two different types of brush strokes is another way to make shorter nails appear longer. Use a wider brush on top and then a thinner one on the bottom. If you’re more adventurous, go wild with nail art; there are so many designs out there it’s difficult to choose just one!

9) Green Color with a Dotted Border

This toenail art design is ideal for all fashion-conscious women. The bright green shade looks awesome with a dotted border around it. Women of any age will love to flaunt their beautiful feet in public by wearing these ten glamorous toenail art designs on their nails. These colors are just perfect for highlighting your feet in public and making a statement of elegance and style at once!

10) Purple Manicure

The Purple Manicure is one of our most favorite and dramatic designs. This style looks great on shorter nails as well. For a little color, try using a light shade of purple polish to accent your toes, but use caution: If you add too much or place it too close to your cuticle, it can detract from the overall design.