Summer Nail Ideas for Women

Nails are one of the first things people notice about you, so when it comes to summer nail ideas, you want to make sure you’re always looking your best. Of course, if you just paint your nails with any old color, it’s not going to look all that great and may not be the style your friends are interested in either. If you’re looking for some fresh and cute summer nail ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd this season, here are 10 great options to consider!

1. Neon Summer Nails

One of the summer’s biggest beauty trends is having fun with color. One super-fun nail idea is to go completely neon—pick a shade that catches your eye, then paint one or all of your nails with it. You can even switch up which hand gets a neon design and which stays plain. For example, you could do all fingers, on one hand, bright pink while painting all of your nails neutral on your other hand; swap at will!

2. Yellow Summer Nails

To some, yellow is a bold and daring color that works best in small doses. If you’re one of those people, we say go for it! Paired with a summer dress or white shorts, bright yellow nails are sure to bring out your sunny personality! Yellow looks particularly good with blue nail polish too. It might be a long shot, but try pairing them up and see how they complement each other.

3. Glittery Summer Nails

If you’re ready to get glitzy with your nails, glitter is a fun way to do it. Choose your favorite color and accent one finger with sparkling flecks. You can paint them all one color, or go wild with a mixed-up design like gold nails with silver glitter or multicolored nails.

4. Black Summer Nails

If you want to try out a new and different design, consider getting these black nails. They are trendy, perfect for all women who wish to be on-trend. For such an elegant look, use a touch of glitter polish in gold or bronze. The extra sparkle will not only make your nails more noticeable but also help you shine during formal events and high-profile gatherings.

5. Gold Summer Nails

Give your nails some bling with a shiny gold shade like Essie’s Gold Exchange. Use a metallic nail polish brush to cover all your nails in a few strokes and add glitter if you want even more shine. Gold is universally flattering on every skin tone, making it ideal for an evening out or a hot summer date.

6. Brown Summer Nails

Dark nails are always on-trend and perfect for warm weather. Try browns, tans, or sandy shades to complement a darker tan. When going with darker nail polish, it’s best to wear light-colored clothing so that you don’t look like you raided your husband’s closet.

7. Silver Summer Nails

Silver nails are a fun way to add a little glitz to your fingertips. They can be worn at any length and any time of year, although they look particularly great in summer. Many people think that silver is too harsh against their skin, but if you choose carefully, you can find colors that match both your hair and makeup colors perfectly. You could even wear matching silver shoes with silver nails! Remember: never try to do too much with one nail—it will just look tacky.

8. Red Summer Nails

The vibrant red is a perfect summer nail color. One of many beautiful things about being a woman is our ability to wear red. A classic shade like red can spice up your summer look and keep it looking sharp all season long. Some women may be intimidated by such a bold hue, but think of it as making a statement instead of taking one. Red nails are never out of style, which means you won’t have to worry about switching back to neutral colors any time soon.

9. Pink and White Summer Nails

if you’re going to rock color on your toes or fingers, stick with classic hues. You can never go wrong with pink or white nails—just remember to get a pedicure to match! Even though we love neon nail polish, it might not be appropriate for work. When in doubt, play it safe and opt for neutral colors like white and pale pink instead of reds and oranges. If you want some variety in your summer look, try painting each toe a different shade of light or pastel-colored polish! When all else fails (or when there’s no time to visit the salon), grab some nail stickers from an arts and crafts store that feature fun designs like flowers or animals (like leopard print!). Stick them on each finger as accents so they stand out but don’t distract from any business attire you have to wear during the summer months.

10. White Summer Nails

Be it any color that you apply to your nails in summer, white always looks striking. The clean, classic look of a fresh coat of white is ideal for anyone looking to avoid nail polish remover at all costs! For a professional-looking finish, try putting on two coats of nail polish and then top with a coat of clear lacquer. This will protect your nails and make them last longer while still retaining their whiteness.

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