Best Tips To Grow Nails

Your nails are an indication of your overall health. Healthy nails indicate that your body has adequate vitamins and minerals to help with nail growth and prevent brittle nails. Nails also tell you how well you are doing taking care of yourself, as they are one of the easiest ways to detect any underlying medical problems, such as thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, or anaemia. Here are 10 ways you can promote healthy nail growth for women…

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Start by making sure you’re eating right

Healthy nails begin with a healthy diet. If you’re not eating enough protein, your body can’t produce keratin, which makes up about 90 percent of your nail. Without enough keratin, your nails will become brittle and weak. Good sources of protein include fish, chicken, eggs, and cheese (yes, cheese!). Want a super-easy way to get in more protein? Eat cottage cheese! It contains twice as much protein as regular cheese does per serving.

Drink Water Every Day

Drinking water can do wonders for your body. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also flushes out toxins and reduces puffiness under your eyes. Try to drink two liters of water a day—more if you’re active or live in a hot climate. You can use a food journal app or write down your daily intake in a notebook for reference. Remember: Drinking enough water is important for overall health, but that doesn’t mean you should just chug as much as possible!


Your skin is constantly shedding, so when you exfoliate, you remove dry skin cells. This will make your nails look healthier and encourage stronger growth. Exfoliating also opens up hair follicles to increase nail growth. Simply rub your hands together with a gritty substance like sugar or body scrub to lift away dead skin cells. You can also purchase an exfoliator designed for manicures if you want an easy at-home option for nail care.

Exercise regularly

The stress of exercise keeps your blood flowing and is an excellent source of oxygen for nail growth. However, it’s important not to exercise before you moisturize your hands—exercising without lotion could dry out your hands, making them even more susceptible to cracking and splitting. It’s also important that you drink a lot of water after working out since hydration promotes stronger nail growth.

Use a Nail Growth Formula

Many women find that using a nail growth formula helps strengthen their nails and promotes faster growth. Products containing gelatin are particularly popular, as they work similarly to the keratin in your hair by strengthening and preventing breakage. Try applying a nail treatment every day before you go to bed or leaving it on for 5 minutes before washing it off. Remember, these treatments won’t help if you don’t keep them on long enough!

Choose the Right Polish Colors

The right polish color is so important because it can make or break a polished look. Start with something very light and pale pink, silver, or white. These will be your base coats, used over yellowed nail beds that need a fresh start. This polish should be applied with a brush rather than a sponge because it’s thicker and won’t soak into your skin as much as other polishes may do.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

When you bite your nails, you’re subjecting them to trauma, and trauma,breakage. To prevent your poor cuticles from being a victim of your worrisome teeth, refrain from nibbling or picking on your fingernails at all costs. You’ll be amazed by how much stronger they become when you commit not only to stopping biting but also picking at them with your nails as well.

Paint Them In The Right Manner

When you have very weak and brittle nails, one of the things that you can do is paint them. Make sure you choose a nail polish that matches your skin tone or else it will look obvious. Choose a quality brand for long-lasting results.

Choose Regular Polish Over Gel Polish

The chemicals in gel polish are known to be toxic. Some of them include formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and triphenyl phosphate (TPHP). Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and has been linked with various side effects including respiratory illness, eye irritation, skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and even allergic reactions. DBP has been labeled a reproductive toxin that’s been linked with birth defects in newborns when used by pregnant women.

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