Simple Tie Dye Patterns

Tie-dye can be incredibly easy to do if you follow these 5 simple tie-dye patterns for beginners. These tie-dye patterns are perfect for anyone who has never attempted to tie-dye before and wants some easy tie-dye patterns to follow as they learn how to make their designs. Remember that tie-dye doesn’t have to be difficult, and these simple tie-dye patterns will show you that! Plus, any of these 5 simple tie-dye patterns could be used as the basis of a more complex design later on, if you become more experienced with the art of tying dye!

Colorful T-Shirt

This is a great option for those who want to get a colorful and unique design on their t-shirt without spending too much time creating it. To create a colorful t-shirt, select four colored shirts that work well together—think green, blue, orange, and yellow. Use rubber bands to bundle them together (like we did) or stack them directly on top of each other. Put rubber bands around all of them.

Crazy Stripes Simple Tie Dye Patterns

If you don’t have time to practice and get good at a more complex design, go with crazy stripes. They’re easy and come out great every time—plus they are extremely versatile and can be used on lots of different types of clothing, including t-shirts, tanks, hats, blankets, and more. Oh yeah, you can even make crazy stripe curtains!

Paisley Tie Dye

This paisley design is one of my favorites to make! All you need is a water bottle, gloves, rubber bands, and all-purpose or soda ash. Cut your t-shirt into an uneven shape (for example, triangle-shaped) and wear it as usual. When it’s time to start tie-dying it, put on your gloves and apply rubber bands around your wrist. Fill up a water bottle with warm water and pour out about 1/4 of it.

Geometric Tie Dye

The geometric pattern is simple and easy to create. If you’re just starting with tie-dying, it’s perfect. Here’s how to Mix your dyes in a container that has straight sides (you can use any type of plastic or glass). Next, take your t-shirt and cut off both sleeves. Then cut along each side of your shirt until you have 4 pieces total (2 front pieces and 2 back pieces). Now dip each piece into your dye separately so that they all have an even amount of color on them (one at a time). Fold up each piece of fabric so that only about 1/3 is submerged in the dye. You want some white showing for contrast later on.

Sideways Tie Dye

The Sideways Tie Dye pattern is a classic and has been around for ages. It’s perfect for beginners because it’s easy to master and still looks great. To start, get your shirt damp with water so that it will easily absorb paint (if you don’t know how to tie-dye using bleach, then follow these instructions). Then use a squirt bottle to apply three different colors of fabric paint on top of each other from top to bottom in an overlapping circle pattern.

Galaxy Simple Tie Dye Patterns

Tie-dye a pair of jeans with a galaxy print. To create a galaxy print, follow these steps: Soak jeans in cold water for 30 minutes to an hour. Remove from water and drip dry by placing them on an old towel. Mix 2 cups white vinegar, 1 cup salt, and 1/2 cup baking soda into a large bucket of warm water. A dip-dyed portion of jeans into the mixture for 15 seconds (if you want it more intense) or leave it in longer if you want less intensity. Place your jeans onto another old towel or piece of cardboard (to prevent staining your countertop). Dry overnight. When they’re completely dry, put them on inside out so that they’re ready to wear!

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