Almond-shaped nails are not just a style trend among celebrities, but also gaining popularity among women from all walks of life. Women prefer almond-shaped nails because they look sexy and elegant on both long and short nails. To get your hands on this glamorous nail shape, you need to follow the right steps in designing and shaping your nails, so here are eight of our best almond-shaped nail designs!

1. White and Gold Color Scheme

This nail design is so clean and elegant, you might want to try it on your own manicure. The white and gold color scheme will leave an impression that you’re a woman who’s calm and cool-headed, even when chaos surrounds you. From business meetings to date nights, you can flaunt these nails with any outfit. A pair of stilettos, a fitted dress and these nails are all that you need to make heads turn in your direction.

2. Gold and Pink Almond Shaped Nails

Simply use a gold nail polish to paint your nails, and add pink around it to create an almond shape. Add some sparkle and shine with a glitter top coat.

3. Almond Metallic Black Style

Combine a metallic manicure with a classic almond shaped nail shape. Add a shine to your nails by applying black chrome or an antique gold over your usual color and let them dry completely. Then, apply liquid latex over your entire nail, including over the glittering polish. Dip each of your fingers in rubbing alcohol then carefully peel off one side of the latex – being careful not to rip it off all at once – so that only half of your nail is covered with transparent glue.

4.  Almond Light Pink with Glitter Accents

Pink and gold are absolutely gorgeous together. The pale pink color of your nail polish contrasts with gold glitter to create a stunning look that’s still feminine. In fact, you can use any combination of pink and gold for a fun look that always looks chic. This is particularly great for summer parties when everyone will be ready to party in style.

5. Lavender Glittering Foil Finish

Lavender is an eye-catching shade in any season, but it becomes even more festive once topped with a coat of glittering silver. Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras or just looking to brighten up your summer wardrobe, try using Lavender Glittering Foil Finish from Essie or Wine and Dine from OPI to achieve a colorful mani that packs a shimmery punch. The foil finish will make your nails look like they’ve been dipped in metallic paint.

6. Almond Shape Acrylic Nails

These nails can be a bit tricky to put on, but with practice, you’ll get better. If you find that your nails are difficult to work with, try using a nail guide or build up your natural nails before filing them down. Just make sure not to over-file your natural nails as they will become too thin and brittle. To create almond shaped acrylic nails, start by shaping your own nails in an almond shape. You can use a nail file to do so if you have any gaps between your cuticles and fingers. To avoid damaging your natural nails, always file in one direction only—never back and forth across them! Once you have shaped all of your nails into an almond shape, it is time to apply fake acrylics (also known as tips). Before applying these false tips, however, make sure that each of your own finger has been covered with either base coat or white polish (whichever you prefer). Then apply two coats of colored polish on top of each tip—one coat should be enough if it is thick enough—and let dry thoroughly between coats.

7. Almond Shaped Accent Nails

If you’re going to go with a shaped accent nail, try an almond one. This shape is classy and looks flattering on all finger sizes. To get started, paint your other nails with a light pink polish. Once they’re completely dry, paint an almond-shaped white line at the top of your nail and let that dry as well. Apply top coat to finish things off and add some shine to your design. If you want something even simpler, don’t use white—try using metallic gold or silver instead! Then, choose another finger for your next nail design so you don’t overwhelm yourself by doing them all at once.

7. Love Heart Almond Shaped Nails

For a fun summer manicure, try these cute Love Heart almond-shaped nails. We just love that they’re so easy to recreate and all you need is a bit of nail glue and some studs. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to get your perfect almond shape in no time at all!

8. French Almond Shaped Nails

French almond nails are a simple and classic nail design that can never go out of style. This nail look is often referred to as French tips, or just plain tips. And while French nails don’t have to be on all 10 fingers, it’s best to keep them symmetrical if you choose to do all 10 nails. Note: If you want your French almond shaped nails to really pop, make sure that you apply two coats of your chosen polish color instead of one.
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9. Wedding Almond Shaped Nails

Blending classic elegance with fashion, almond-shaped nails make an ideal choice for your wedding day. Just add some tasteful nail polish colors to bring them to perfection.

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