Beautiful butterfly Locs with Colored Hair

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One way to get some color into your look while still looking great with locs is butterfly locs. These are styled in the same manner as for regular locs, but the crown of the head becomes wider and fuller to resemble a butterfly’s wings. There are two different methods to achieving this look, which we will discuss below. Butterfly locs can be created using any type of hair, including natural hair, braids, or even extensions!

The Benefits

Butterfly locs are a fun way to get your hair done. Some claim that they look better on long and short hair because you don’t see as much of your scalp in comparison to Box Braids and Senegalese twists. Butterfly locks are more versatile because you can change up your style by adding weaves or beads to them, but remember to have them professionally installed.

The Drawbacks

Butterfly locs are cute, but they can be time-consuming. It’ll take you about three hours to create your butterfly locs and about an hour to detangle them at least once a week. Also, if you don’t want to dye your hair or use color contact lenses, you’ll have to get creative when it comes to finding a color palette that matches your hair—not all shades work well on every skin tone or hair type.

Supplies of beautiful butterfly locs

your own natural hair and a wide-tooth comb or pick. As long as you have those two things, you’re set to create some beautiful locs. If you want to color your locs, choose any color that you like. For darker colors, use Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Color Cream in Jet Black (or whatever color you choose). For lighter colors, use Directions Semi-Permanent Color Cream in Pink Lemonade (or whatever color you choose). If using these brands of semi-permanent hair dye is too expensive for you, there are many other brands out there that will work just fine. You can find them at local beauty supply stores or online at Amazon or eBay for example. It doesn’t matter what brand of dye you use; it only matters that it is semi-permanent so that it will wash out after a few washes without damaging your natural hair.


Butterfly locs are very easy to install, but how you install them is going to depend on your preferred length and size. If you’re not sure how big or small to make them, then follow along with these simple steps. Since they’re so easy to install, we recommend installing a pair of butterfly locs as an introductory style if you’ve never installed loc extensions before.

Maintenance & Style Tips

Because of their unique pattern, butterfly locs can take a little extra effort to maintain. Here are some tips to help you keep your hair looking its best

How To Remove Butterfly Locs

You will need a pair of wire cutters or small scissors and a flat iron. If you have your own butterfly loc kit, you may be able to use those tweezers instead. Start by washing and detangling your hair; take out any braids or extensions first. Next, using two hands, break apart each section of your locs (don’t pull them apart all at once). Remove each loc individually until all of them are gone.

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