Best Cute Nail Designs

Nails are an important accessory in any outfit. They add the final touch and polish that makes you look your best, and they also send a message to those around you about what you think of yourself and the world around you. In the same way that clothes reflect your personality, manicures express your attitude towards life; it’s never too late to change that attitude and make a bolder statement with your nails. If you have been considering getting some cute nail designs, but don’t know where to start, then this article will give you some great tips on how to find some awesome new looks!

1. Floral Nails

If you’re looking for something both unique and feminine, there’s nothing better than a flower-decorated nail. Whether you have a specific image in mind or want to play it safe with some classic roses, there are many ways to decorate your nails. Find out more about how to choose flowers that fit your personality and some of our favorite cute designs below!

2. Geometric Patterns

The geometric pattern is one of our favorites because it’s simple, classic, and trendy all at once. Often taken for granted, nails are one of those accessories that can be completely transformed by a splash of color or a unique design. When it comes to uniqueness, nothing compares to geometric patterns. They are perfect for a night out and really add some pizzazz to any outfit. The best part is they’re extremely easy to do at home!

3. Stripes and Textures

To avoid looking like a chipped mess, choose polishes that have stripes or textured patterns to elongate your nails and give them more depth. If you’re partial to pink shades, Deborah Lippmann has two nail polish collections—Wild Heart and Black Tie Optional—that are filled with beautiful fall colors that can be worn alone or layered for an eye-catching look. Finish with atopcoatt for added shine and durability.

4. French Manicure

A French manicure is classy and chic. It’s a classic look that many women love to sport on their nails. To get a french manicure, you start with clear polish on your nails. Then you paint them white (or another light color) and finish the wittopcoatcoat. This is a great choice for women who want something simple, but still very feminine.

5. Animal Prints

One of my favorite cool nail art designs for women are animal prints. These designs incorporate different shades of brown and cream to create cheetah print, leopard print, and giraffe prints on your nails. The animal prints can also be fun in spring time if you have bright neon nail polish in green or pink tones. This way it’s a little more funky and very cute.

6. Minimalist Nail Design

To get a great minimalist nail design, start with an opaque white polish to act as your base color. Then paint a small heart (about one centimeter) at each tip of your nail using silver glitter or a metallic silver polish. It will add depth and shimmer to your plain nails, giving it that wow factor! This nail design is both cute and simple—so even those who aren’t confident in their skills can achieve it.

7. Classic and Simple Nail Design

Whether you’re at home or at work, having neatly trimmed fingernails can help make a great first impression. Choose a classic and simple design such as red nails with white tips for work to look professional. For an everyday look that is both polished and pretty, try a neutral color such as beige, off-white or taupe.

8. Three Color Nails

The three-color nail trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s still one of our favorites! Try out one color at each tip of your nails for a subtle look, or go all-in with red, blue, and black for a bold statement. Plus, there are tons of cool patterns you can add to give your design extra flair. If you’re looking to snag an awesome new mani without painting your entire nail with polish, try out our favorite three-color designs.
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9. Green, Black and White Nails

With green, black, and white as their main components, these cute nail designs are perfect for creating cool looks in an instant. Whether you opt for a subtle touch or you go wild with patterns and intricate details, these nail designs will instantly turn heads around. Let’s take a look at how to create one of these looks for yourself!

10. Purple Nails

Purple is a color loved by many women, although it might not be everyone’s favorite. Still, those who do like it know just how good it looks on them. Purple gives of a soft and dreamy feel that can seem almost magical when done right and with an eye for detail. This also makes purple a very popular color for cute nail designs. There are plenty of excellent examples out there, but in our opinion these are some of the best cute nail designs around.

11. Pink and Polka Dots

Pink and white polka dots are adorable—and super easy to pull off. And with a technique as simple as painting your nails in alternating colors, you can’t go wrong. To get started, use a base coat to protect your natural nail color (if it’s not already light). Then paint one or two coats of white polish on each nail. After that dries, apply pink polish over top of it. For an extra-cute touch, add some rhinestones or glitter to each nail for extra sparkle!

12. Easy Nails

Regular manicures are great for making you feel pampered and beautiful, but having pretty nails isn’t only about aesthetics. Studies have shown that people with healthy-looking nails—even just fake ones—are perceived as more sociable, friendly, and outgoing.

13.Mini Heart Nails

As we all know, mini heart nails are loved by many women. Now we will show you how to do it step by step. You can start with a base coat to protect your natural nails and then apply a heart nail polish, like Essie’s On The List. Let your nails dry for about 10 minutes or until there is no longer any tackiness. Next, use a white nail polish for outlining each of your little hearts and allow them to dry once again for about 5 minutes before doing anything else. Afterward, take an orange-red shade and paint over each one of those hearts.

14. White Chevron Nails

The sheer simplicity of these nails is what makes them so beautiful. The white chevron design is printed on completely transparent nail polish, meaning you can wear it with any outfit or event. The simple design also allows for a more playful look and would complement your tomboy vibe perfectly. Don’t forget to match your nails with some black (or white) accessories and you’re set to go!

15. Grey and Pink Mix Nails

The soft and subtle grey nails are made trendy by adding of bit of pink color. It is one of the cute nail designs.  This is an ideal choice for women who wish to try something different on their nails without going out too far from their comfort zone. To get your nail perfectly done, you can visit a local beauty salon or do it yourself at home if you have enough skills in applying nail polish. Try it now!

16. Green and White Nails

The first step to doing green and white nails is picking out your base color. You want to start off with a bright, happy shade of white—not grey or pastel-ish. Green goes better with warm, yellowish tones than it does with cool ones (though there are plenty of exceptions). My personal favorite is Essie’s Shearling Darling. Follow it up with an accent nail that’s completely green.

17. Marble Nail Design

Looking for a cute nail designs? This marble nail art is both simple and elegant. The contrasting colors make it stand out from other designs. You can apply different colors to make your nails more colorful or you can use one color to make it look more elegant. This marble nail design will definitely be a wonderful option if you want to try something new.

18. Galaxy Nail Design

If you’re a fan of science-fiction, then look no further than our next design—this one mimics a galaxy print. You can thank pigment powder for that supernova effect. What color is your space nail polish? While many options are fun and playful, your best bet is something subtle. I’d stay away from super-saturated hues like bubblegum pink or electric blue—they could easily clash with your outfit (unless they happen to be what you’re wearing). So instead of a bumblebee yellow or lime green, choose a more conservative shade. Try one in cream or nude. Just remember to match it with an equally demure pedicure.

19. Rainbow Nail Design

This is a very easy nail design that will make your nails look beautiful. For painting, you need four to five different nail polishes in different shades of blue, purple and red. After applying a base coat paint all your nails with one colour or polish. Then using a clean up brush and apply glitter polish on all your nails except ring finger. Glitter gives it a rainbow effect and it looks stunning for people who want long nails.

20. Purple Ombre Nails

If you want to turn heads and get noticed, try out purple ombre nails. Start by painting your entire nail a light lavender. Then, use a makeup sponge or paintbrush dipped in black polish to dab on small sections of color on your nail tips. When you are finished with both hands, press your nails together; they should stick together to create a cool ombre effect.

21. Muted Red Nail Design

Muted Red Cute Nail Design is a classic nail design that is perfect for women of all ages. The best part about it is that you can wear it with almost any color outfit. You just need to choose your favorite red shade and you are good to go. For a more vibrant look, add some glitter polish on top of your nail paint. This will make your nails look super sexy and elegant at the same time.

22. Daisy

The daisy is a classic symbol of innocence and purity, but when worn as a nail design, it takes on an entirely different meaning. This design is popular with young women because it adds feminine charm to their fingernails while giving off a slightly rebellious vibe. To rock these cute nail designs  at your next job interview or date night, paint your nails with two coats of bright pink polish. Once they’re dry, outline five big daisies onto each nail using white polish and a thin brush for detail work.

23. Rhinestones

No doubt you’ve noticed nail art is a big trend. But it can look kind of tacky in real life. Unless you go with rhinestones! The subtle bling adds just enough sparkle to stand out without being over-the-top. Plus, if you’re looking for cute nails that men will love, they’ll appreciate how classy these are. To make them extra special, use glitter polish and add some gold or silver glitter between each stone for an extra dose of glamour. If your nails aren’t long enough to fit multiple stones on each finger, don’t worry! You can also try adding them as accents on your ring fingers or even toes (yes, toes).

24. Paw Prints

Using various shades of pink and white to paint paw prints on your nails will show off your playful side and keep you looking cute. This is one of those easy nail designs that anyone can try out without too much hassle.

25. Glitter Bottoms

Today, we are going to look at one of my favorite nails which is a trendy nail design for women. If you are like me and love sparkle and glitter then you will love these nails because it’s full of bling but they’re still very girly and feminine. This design is great for any occasion from date night to a girl’s night out on town or even an elegant wedding.

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