Best Long Butterfly Locs Ideas

Butterfly locs are said to be one of the most common types of locs. They are named after their ability to form two wings on each side of the head, resembling a butterfly’s wingspan. This type of locs tends to require maintenance every three months or so because they can easily become tangled up and knotted if not kept regularly brushed and maintained by following some simple steps.

1. Braided Bun Updo

Updos are great for keeping hair out of your face in a professional setting, and they can be used to dress up otherwise basic outfits. Here’s how to create a braid that looks like butterfly wings and incorporate it into a bun updo.

2) Messy Buns with Wavy Outline

The messy bun is one of those hairstyles that can be paired with just about any outfit. The long and curly styles work perfectly for spring and summertime, or you can style your locs into a bun during colder months. This is a simple look to recreate. Gather all your hair into a ponytail; make sure it’s at least eight inches above your head.

3. Straightened Outset Puff With Small Bun

A long, straightened-out-then-puffed up bang. This style is perfect for those looking to have a look that’s big, bold and beautiful. Take some hair gel or wax and put it through your locks until you get that desired puffiness. Then, secure it in place with bobby pins. Pull out some strands of hair to make your locs look more natural than they are.

4. Extra Long Senegalese Twists

Extra-long locs are very ideal for Senegalese twists because you can grow a lot of hair to complete such a hairstyle. If you have locs and want to find a way to add more length, then try out extra long Senegalese twists. The extra length from your hair will create beautiful twists that are long enough to be comfortable while still allowing your natural curls to show through.

5. Braided Double Bun Updo

If you have locs longer than your shoulder length, try wearing them up in a braided double bun. It’s a simple hairstyle but you still get to show off your long hair and accentuate your locs. For added effect, wear two mini buns on top of each other and place a headband over them. This is how most women wore their locs before loc styling became popular.

6. Curly Blowout From Twisted Crown to Bottom

The loc technique that you’ll learn in this tutorial is one of my favorite methods for styling natural hair. It’s not a difficult method, and it looks great on pretty much any texture. If you have big curly or spiral-type twists from your last protective style, then you should give this look a try!

7. Coiled Half Up Half Down Style With Small Bun

This is one of my favorite loc styles. I love long locs, but sometimes I want them to be big, and other times I want them to be small. You can make both desires come true by coiling your half half-down hair in a bun and pinning it on top of your head (like an upside-down turtle shell). For extra length, try using Big Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner. It will keep your coils tight and luscious even as they shrink over time.

8. Fluffy Free Form Style with Two Strands of Hair

This style is stunning! The little long straight pieces in her hair give a lot of movement and definition to her locs. This can be achieved by free forming your locs when you first start or just by adding some extra strands of hair in between rows as your locs are locking up. Awash and go style like hers requires a little bit more maintenance, but it’ll give you some healthy volume and beautiful face-framing strands if you want to go free form on your long butterfly locs!

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