Best Nude Sandals for Wedding

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You’ve spent weeks and months (if not longer) searching for the perfect wedding dress, but now that you’ve found it, you realize that this one little detail has you stumped. What are the best nude sandals to wear with your dress? And how can you be sure they’ll match just right? Well, don’t worry your pretty little head! With this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know when picking out nude sandals that will make your dream wedding come true!

The Right Style

Finding nude sandals with a subtle heel can be tough, but if you’re going to wear them regularly (and why wouldn’t you?), make sure you find one that matches your foot and heel shape. For example, I have flat feet with slightly wide heels. While some women could get away with wearing a lower wedge, I need more stability from my sandal to avoid falling out of them.

How To Tie A Scarf

A necktie isn’t required at every wedding, but a scarf is. And no, you can’t just wear any old piece of fabric that resembles a scarf. You need to make sure your scarf ties properly and looks good with your wedding attire, so pay attention. Tying a typical rectangular scarf is pretty easy if you follow these steps: Drape it around your neck with both ends hanging about even.

Beware of Cheap Imitations

Just because a sandal is nude doesn’t mean it’s suitable. Sometimes cheap imitations can take away from your bridal look. You don’t want your wedding pictures to be super unflattering because you didn’t know what kind of sandal to choose. Be sure you know exactly what style, brand, and color of sandals will match your dress so it looks great in pictures forever!

Stay Away From Pointed-Toe Shoes

Even if you’re not getting married, pointed-toe shoes are a big no-no. That may seem like an arbitrary fashion rule, but your wedding photos could end up plastered all over social media sites—and in those pictures, people will be looking closely at your shoes. Don’t risk a run-in with creepy toes by sticking to rounded or strappy sandals instead.

Tips For Buying Strappy Heels

When choosing a pair of nude heels, there are several key factors to consider. Color: First and foremost, take into account what color you’ll be wearing. Generally speaking, clear or taupe hues look best when worn with lighter colors (such as yellow and white). Conversely, darker colors like black or burgundy require deeper shades of nude or neutral tones.

Choosing The Perfect Color

It’s tempting to grab a pair of nude sandals based on how they look in their box, but don’t buy them until you’ve tried them on and walked around a bit. That way, you’ll know if they rub your toes or fit your arch.

You Won’t Want To Take Them Off

Are you getting married soon? Your bridal footwear is one of your most important wedding-planning decisions, and picking out a pair of nude sandals or heels that match your ensemble can be difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to go toe-to-toe with another person in a strappy heel or prefer a traditional flat sandal, here are some suggestions to consider when choosing your wedding shoes.

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