Designer Croc Charms for ALL Occasions

Fashionable women love to accessorize their outfits, but unfortunately most of the time they feel limited because of their accessories’ style and price point. Designer Croc Charms are the solution to this problem! These designer-quality fashion accessories are one-of-a-kind and come in many styles, which means that every woman can find something she’ll like on this site. They also offer great prices on their designs, with some being lower than $10.

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On Top of the Shelves

Take a look at any store that sells designer accessories and you’ll see one thing in common – there are very few designer croc charms. Many people believe that you can only purchase them from a select few designers. However, that is not true! I’ve come up with a list of all the best places to find designer croc charms

In the Drawers

The first thing you should know about finding designer croc charms is that there are a lot of places to look! You can go to jewelry stores or department stores, or you can buy them online. Designer croc charms come in all sorts of colors and shapes. There are round designer croc charms, square designer croc charms, and even designer crocodile shoe charms! They make great gifts for any occasion. If your best friend just had a baby girl, consider buying her a pair of silver baby girl shoe clips.

On your Belt Loop

If you’re carrying a pocketful of change, it can be annoying to fish around in your pockets or purse every time you want to make a purchase. With designer croc charms from Vintage Finds, however, you never have to worry about keeping a stash of cash on hand again! The company’s range of croc charms includes several that double as an easy-to-attach wallet on your belt loop.

On your Key Chain

Did you know that on a key chain, designer croc charms can be used as a bottle opener? It’s true. Just slip your favorite branded bottle opener onto a metal charm and make sure it is firmly attached to your key ring. You won’t have to worry about any accidents with these adorable little openers; everyone will notice them! It’s an especially good gift idea for housewarming parties or friends who just moved into their first place.

For your Luggage

Instead of fastening a bulky padlock to your luggage, opt for a tiny yet dazzling designer croc charm. Not only will it deter thieves from trying to steal your stuff, but if they do manage to pick it up and run away with it, you can rest assured that your luggage tag is attached to your bag, making it easier to locate. A great way to show off some designer flair while keeping tabs on where your valuables are at all times!

With a Long Chain as a Necklace Pendant

Fashion comes and goes, but some items never seem to fade away. Cute accessories add flair to any outfit. Not only do they make you look better, they make you feel better too! The most popular item right now is a leather cross-body bag that can be accessorized in so many ways to match your style.

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