How to Wear Butterfly Locs With Colored Hair

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Butterfly locs are extremely popular right now, and they’re perfect for the current season – they’re romantic and playful, and they look great with colorful hairstyles. If you have colored hair, you can wear butterfly locs with your new hair color in any number of ways, including several different braid styles. This article will tell you how to do all of them!

1. Comb Out A Section of Your Natural Hair

If you want to wear your butterfly locs with colored hair, you’ll need a section of uncolored hair. In other words, if you plan on keeping a blond-colored head and changing up your style with colored locs, then you’ll want an uncolored blonde section at the top.

2. Braiding Your Natural Hair

Butterfly locs are essentially four French braids that are split in half, creating eight sections of hair. This is a quick and easy way to braid your hair, especially if you don’t have too much length. To achieve each braid, you will want to section off about an inch of hair from both sides of your head. If you have short hair and want full butterfly locs, start by dividing your ponytail into 4 equal parts instead of 8.

3. Grab Two Sections From The Back

Next, pull two sections of hair from behind your ears and place them over each shoulder. Once you’ve got a few inches coming off your scalp, secure them with bobby pins on both sides. If you want more volume in your locs, gather more hair by pulling more pieces from behind your ears. Repeat until all of your hair is gathered into butterfly locs. If you have thinner or finer hair, grab three or four sections instead of just two. This will help give it some extra volume without looking too big and bulky at first glance.

4. Create a Half Up Half Down Style

After you’ve created a large section of your half-up, half-down style, secure that section with an elastic or small hair tie. Then, create a new section (if needed) for your second half-up, half-down style. Tie both sections together at either side of your head and hide all ends underneath. You can also tuck strands of each side into each other to help hide ends.
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5. Add Extension Bundles

This can make your locs look thicker and fuller, but it also makes them more manageable. This is great for women who are not used to handling their natural hair. You will have your hair divided into four sections, so select a color that goes well with your natural hair. Always take into consideration of what color you would like in your locs and any area that you may not want to be colored.

6.  Secure the Wefts

Once you’ve allowed your newly installed weave to set, it’s time to secure it into place with weaving extensions. Using several extensions that reach from each side of your new weave, cross them over each other in a figure-eight pattern, then hold them in place using bobby pins. Secure any loose strands with more bobby pins. You can also use some gel or pomade on your hands and finger-comb loose ends so they lay flat against your scalp.

7.  Top Knot and Secure Everything in Place

Wrap your butterfly locs into a top knot at the crown of your head, and secure them with bobby pins. You can make it as large or small as you want, but keep in mind that it will affect how loose your hair looks around your face. Secure each pin in place with a dab of hairspray.

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