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Kobees Lip Balm – The Best Lip Balm for Lips

Kobees lip balm, with its unique formula, will keep your lips from becoming chapped and flaky in the cold winter air. The great thing about Kobees lip balm is that you don’t have to use it just during the winter months – it works year-round! You can get the best results if you apply Kobees lip balm at night before bed. This allows your lips to soak up all the good stuff that Kobees lip balm contains, including antioxidants and vitamins C & E, leaving them healthy and soft the next day.

Why I love it

I’ve never really been a fan of lip balms. Sure, they have their purpose, but I never found them to be much use to me. So when Kobees contacted me about trying out their product, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. After giving it a shot, though, I couldn’t believe how amazingly moisturizing and easy-to-use Kobee’s is! After applying it to my lips, they were noticeably smoother and softer.

The wide variety of colors

If you are in the market for some new lip balms, you will want to check out Kobees. All of their lip balms come in a wide variety of colors. This allows you to have a different color each day and a beautiful collection to choose from when they are all displayed together. The lip balm is also available in tubes, sticks, or slivers that can easily be slipped into any pocket or purse.

Which one is right for you

Some people find that using lip balm is a necessity. Whether you need protection from the wind or sun or want some relief from dryness and flakiness, we have something to meet your needs. Our three favorites are kobees lip balm because it’s made of all-natural ingredients, provides instant relief to severely dry lips, and has a refreshing peppermint flavor. Other popular products are Chapstick and Blistex because they’re cheaper but don’t give as much relief.

The ingredients

Kobee’s all-natural lip balms are made with soothing organic ingredients and never use flavorings, dyes, or preservatives. These all-natural lip balms contain Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Lavender Oil. These natural ingredients provide nutrients to nourish your lips and protection from harsh outdoor elements. Finally, these also feel lovely on your lips as they leave a cool sensation after you apply them!

How much do they cost?

This lip balm contains vitamin E and sunflower oil that moisturizes and soothes your skin. It also has SPF 20 sunscreen to protect you from harmful UV rays. The only downside to this lip balm is that it is a little expensive, costing around $12.00, but it will last a while since it is made with only four ingredients.

Where can I buy them?

If you’re looking for a quality lip balm, Kobees is where it’s at. We have different options, so be sure to pick up your favorite flavor today! If you’re sick of chapped lips that are rough to kiss, try out our special blend of ingredients designed just for your mouth.

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