Mini Pre Models

Mini pre models are some of the smallest fashionistas in the world, but they’re also some of the most successful. These toddlers have found their way into the modelling world and secured themselves spots on runways, red carpets, and catwalks around the globe. From their time as professional child models to their current roles as mini pre models, here’s everything you need to know about these little-but-mighty fashionistas.

Introducing Mini Pre Models

mini pre models, an exciting new modeling agency for children and teens. Specializing in photo shoots that create positive role models, mini pre models is giving young people across the globe opportunities to build their portfolios and express themselves artistically. Here’s what founders Rhett Morrissey and Aislinn Kaminski have to say about their unique line of work. mini dogs, mini sandwiches and mini pre models. Who decided there was room for such tiny models? And why do they always have to be kids? It’s awkward to walk around a fashion show with teeny-tiny models when you’re six feet tall (and I’m not even that big). In my opinion, small children should not be parading around like grown women.

The Fashion Industry’s Vision of Mini Inspired my Own

For decades, fashion conglomerates have been developing supermodels that make every teenage girl compare herself to unrealistic standards of beauty and thinness. I don’t think it’s fair for young girls to feel inadequate because they aren’t living up to an industry standard. Luckily, there is a new generation of top models making their way onto runways worldwide. These mini pre-toddlers may seem too young to be inspiring women with their looks and personalities, but they’re actually doing just that and changing attitudes toward being beautiful in healthy ways. Here’s why mini pre-models are bringing big changes to an outdated industry…

Here’s What I Learned From this Experiment

It doesn’t matter where you’re born or how famous your parents are. If you want to make it as a model, YOU have to work for it. And no one is going to help you do that more than another hard-working model. Don’t let their age fool you! These mini models are making moves and leaving an impact on the fashion industry we love so much.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into It

You may be familiar with high-fashion runways where models strut down oversized catwalks. But, have you heard of miniskirts? These pint-sized fashionistas at just 6 and 7 years old, respectively, stride alongside their big sisters on high fashion runways across Europe. Marketed as mini pre models, these very petite girls know what it takes to make it big in today’s fashion industry.

One More Reason Not to Do This

Did you know that kids model more than 150,000 times each year? From runways to print ads to commercials, many children see modeling as part of their childhood. But for every eight hours of work that go into creating and promoting fashion, one hour is devoted to protecting young models from exploitation and abuse. Some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about modeling: Be careful if your parents want you to model. Get advice from people who have been models or from organizations dedicated to preventing children from being exploited by adults. Be aware of agencies that aren’t reputable and do not screen people who hire them; before agreeing to work with an agency, find out what measures it takes for protection for minors.

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