Promise Ring For Men

A Promise ring for men, or what has come to be known as promise rings have been around as early as the 15th century, in the form of bands that were worn by both men and women during the Tudor period. The earliest known use of such rings was to pass love tokens between the betrothed, who eventually would exchange wedding rings upon marriage. But these days, promise rings are mainly used by males and females in place of engagement or wedding rings, not unlike how their forebears were used.

1. A Promise Ring Assures Your Partner Is Faithful

In a time when there is so much infidelity, having a promise ring can offer protection from your partner straying. A promise ring reassures you that he is devoted to only you, and makes it clear that if he ever broke his promise and cheated on you, there would be serious consequences—namely losing a girlfriend who means more to him than anything else in life.

2. A Promise Ring Expresses His Affection

This isn’t so much a reason to get a promise ring as it is an explanation of what they mean. For many people, giving your partner a promise ring means you care about them enough to want to express your love but aren’t yet ready to get married or wear an engagement ring. Sometimes you may not be at that point in your relationship, and that’s fine! A promise ring allows you and your partner to take things at whatever pace feels comfortable and safe for both of you.

3.  A Promise Ring Makes Sure You Do Not Lose Your Partner To Someone Else

A promise ring is a sure sign that your partner is committed to you. This makes sure that you do not lose your partner to someone else. A promise ring helps enhance your relationship: When you give your partner a promise ring, it does not only mean that you love them but also shows how dedicated and committed you are to keeping them happy and in return making them realize their true worth.

4. The Reminder Helps You Both Feel Close And Connected Even When Apart

A promise ring shows your SO that you’re thinking about them. It also tells them that you’re always on their mind, no matter where you are. A man can wear his promise ring as a reminder of his love, even when he and his girlfriend or wife aren’t together.

5. Promising to Remain Faithful Daily Builds Trust In The Relationship

A promise ring says you’re going to remain faithful. Men who wear promise rings report feeling more secure in their relationships, according to a 2011 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

6. A Promise Ring Communicates to Society That You Mean Business

A promise ring, also known as a promising band or promise bracelet, is an unspoken commitment. The simple, flexible band of gold, silver, or platinum (or some other type of metal) is more than just jewelry; it’s a tangible reminder that you are getting married in your heart, even if you haven’t set a date.

7. Promise Rings Show That You Care Deeply About Your Relationship

When you promise to be with someone, that means you will do everything in your power to protect it. A promise ring shows your loved ones that they matter enough to you and that you have every intention of keeping them by your side forever. It says a lot about your personality and how committed you truly are. The material value of promise rings is not nearly as important as their emotional value, which is why many couples hold onto their promise rings even after marriage, as a reminder of what brought them together in the first place.

8. Insist On Wearing Your Promise Ring Every Day!

For starters, you should wear your promise ring every day so it stays nice and shiny. But more importantly, you should wear it to make a point: A promise ring is meant to be worn daily as a constant reminder of a commitment you have made—that promise may be between you and your significant other or to yourself, but every time you put that ring on, know that it’s an outward declaration of something valuable.

9. If You Lose It, Replace It With Another Immediately

If you don’t have a family heirloom ring to pass down, pick something that has special meaning to both of you. Maybe your partner’s ring reminds you of a time when you two went on vacation together, or of an inside joke only you share. If something happens to that special ring, replace it immediately.

10.  Wear Two so they can be interlocked

A promise ring is an easy way to let your loved one know you’re committing. The two bands represent your two hearts becoming one, which makes it an incredibly meaningful gesture. Just like weddings and engagements, it shows you’re serious about committing to one another.

The Final Word On Promise Rings For Guys

For many couples, engagement rings represent a shared desire to wed—not a statement about love. On average, couples wait almost three years after getting engaged to tie the knot (for millennials it’s five years). This long engagement is partially due to doubt that they’ll stay together long enough to walk down an aisle together. If you are uncertain about your future with your partner, consider buying a promise ring instead.

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