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Steve Carell Hair Transplant: The Surprising Transformation

When most people think of Steve Carell, they picture the talented and funny actor from such movies as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine, and Get Smart. However, with his recent role in Crazy, Stupid, Love, many are surprised to see that Carell’s hairstyle has changed dramatically and appears much fuller than before. So how did he do it? Is it possible that he’s been secretly receiving hair transplants?

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Before and After

When Steve Carell was cast in the 1999 David O. Russell film American Splendor, nobody knew that he would have one of the most drastic transformations that a Hollywood star could make. Carell wanted to keep his private life as far away from his public life as possible, so he turned down roles like Seinfeld and Tim Allen’s Home Improvement show. One reason for this rejection was because both had been so closely associated with baldness through previous roles in Curly Sue and Man of the House.

At First Glance

Many actors and actresses in Hollywood spend a lot of time, money, and effort on their appearance. Celebrity plastic surgery is not an uncommon thing to see when you’re flipping through the channels. It’s unsurprising to see that there is a huge market for cosmetic procedures like hair transplants, which people use to hide their thinning hairline or to add volume back to their scalp.

The Backstage Story

You’ve probably seen Steve Carell in his various roles as an actor, most notably as Michael Scott in NBC’s The Office. He’s played a lot of roles, from dopey hobo Johnny Galecki on The 40-Year-Old Virgin to jerk-face boss Brad Wilcox in Date Night. In his newest movie, he’ll play the president of the United States.

What Happened with the Hairline?

There are three possible explanations for the change in Steve Carell’s hairline. First, it could be that he underwent a hair transplant, says Dr. Adil Gariballa, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology. The second possibility is that he is wearing a toupee, and the third possibility is that he is balding. Ultimately, the explanation for this transformation may never be known because of privacy concerns.

A New Image in Film after 2010

After taking a hiatus from Hollywood for five years, Steve Carell made a triumphant return to the big screen with his role in Foxcatcher. While we always knew he was talented, the 44-year-old actor seemed to age gracefully throughout his extended time away from Hollywood. Carell’s hair had long been a point of interest for filmgoers.

Details You Might Not Notice

While Steve Carell, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men, has been successful in the past few years in films like Anchorman 2 and Crazy Stupid Love. Recently, however, he has started to struggle and his need for a change could be attributed to his hair loss and thinning hairline.

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