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Tattoos Trends For People Of All Genders

In recent years, tattoos have become so popular that now nearly 1 in 4 people between the ages of 18 and 50 are linked up. And while we’ve grown accustomed to seeing an abundance of tattoos on men and women, these body art trends are expanding past their old boundaries and gaining popularity among an ever-increasing variety of people who want to show off their ink—men and women alike! If you’re considering getting your first tattoo or adding to your existing body art collection, here are some popular tattoo trends for both genders to consider.

1. The Color of Tattoos

Black and gray tattoos are more popular than ever. Whether linework or bold full-body tats, these designs are great for those looking to show off their skin. These tattoos will never go out of style, so get yours done today. We’ve got thousands of free tattoo images that you can browse through and select your favorite ones.

2. Girls with badass tattoo

Girls are much interested in nails and tattoo art. Do you know those chicks who have a tattoo on every inch of their arms? They’re not just edgy—they’re also pretty intelligent. A study has found that, on average, women with tattoos have higher IQs than those without. Also worth noting: college-educated women and women who are married tend to get more tattoos as they get older. The reasons are unclear, but we like to think it has something to do with their growing confidence in their self-image.

3. Emojis or symbols

Everyone has a different definition when it comes to emojis and symbols, but they are here to stay. For tattoos, popular emojis include hearts and smiley faces. These can be inked as one large tattoo or on an individual area of your body. If you’re interested in getting a new tattoo but aren’t sure what style you want, symbols are an excellent place to start. They’re small enough that you don’t have to commit too much space to your body. Emojis are also great if you want something cute and fun while still being able to say something serious with just text. A lot of women will get their boyfriends33 name in emoji form so that even if he is not around he is always with them.

4. Geometric shapes

More and more women are getting tattoos filled with geometric shapes. These abstract designs allow artists to create beautiful art that has great meaning. Of course, if you want a simpler tattoo like an arrow or a flower, there’s no reason why a woman can’t get that tattooed on her body too! Some of these geometrical tattoos are very large and take up almost half of someone’s back. They look amazing when done in black ink but some artists will add color to make them pop even more. It looks amazing when done in black ink but some artists will add color to make them pop even more. The most popular geometric shape among both men and women is circled because they symbolize unity, wholeness, perfection, infinity, and completeness.

5. Small designs with big meanings

Small tattoos and placement on arms, legs, hands, and fingers are growing in popularity amongst women. With words, dates, or short phrases holding personal meaning, these small tattoos are very popular. Although small tattoos like these are still very common amongst men, it is interesting to see them growing more popular amongst women as well. Tattoos like flowers, butterflies, and angel wings can also be seen on more female-centric areas such as behind ears or wrists. These smaller tattoos hold a lot of meaning which makes them a great idea for anyone who wants to get something meaningful but does not want anything too large or overly visible in everyday life.

6. Designs from other cultures are on point

They might come from a culture you’re not familiar with, but such as Japanese or Thai art, there’s still a lot to learn. Consider getting one inspired by traditional hanbok or kimono designs, especially if you already have some experience in design. They might require extra research and planning beforehand. They won’t look out of place as they would if you picked something that didn’t fit your tattooist’s style. Your tattoo will then be a true expression of who you are rather than just fashion. The best thing about them is that they don’t follow any particular gender rules. Men and women can get tattoos inspired by Korean and Japanese cultures.

7. People getting creative with their bodies as art

Tattoos are getting so creative now that they’re almost art. Tattoos have always been something to express yourself. There has never been a time when they have been more expressive than they are today. People will go out and get tattoos that represent whatever their heart desires.  They will make sure to give them the experience to remember as well as amazing work that is unforgettable. Wherever your heart takes you is where your tattoo should be placed, and remember tattoos are not just for adults anymore. From ankle tattoos to wrist and neckpieces, body art can be worn by anyone at any age in a style only truly owned by you. What do you want to express? This is your chance!
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