Hairstyles for Round faces

As someone with a round face, you know that finding flattering hairstyles for the round faces can be tough. You don’t want to choose something that will make your face appear even rounder, but it can be difficult to find styles that flatter your features and add some sharpness to your look. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve put together the following guide on the five best hairstyles for round faces and how to wear them.

Some Best Hairstyles for Round faces

Shoulder Length Bob

Bob is a flattering style for any face shape, and it works best on those with fine to medium hair that is more on the thick side. The shoulder-length bob makes round faces appear longer and leaner. To balance out your roundness, ask your stylist to add bangs or long layers in front. If you’re nervous about committing to shoulder-length hair, consider a shorter version of a shoulder-length bob (i.e., an A-line bob).

Side Bangs

If you have a round face, side bangs are one of your best bets. The sweeping hair to one side will help elongate your face and give it some balance. Bangs may be just what you need to turn a round face into an oval.  Make sure they aren’t too long or heavy, though; otherwise, they’ll only make your face look wider. A great way to test if your bangs are too long is by holding them up with one hand—if they reach past your chin, try cutting them shorter. Also remember that if you have very fine hair, heavy bangs might weigh down your strands and cause them to fall flat against your forehead. A great tip here is to use a volumizing mousse before blow-drying!

The Lob – Elegant Hairstyles For Round Face

This cut is a nice option for women with oval or pear-shaped faces. It helps add balance to round faces by drawing attention up and away from a broad jaw. If you’re not keen on long hair, consider a shoulder-length style that hugs your chin without covering your cheeks. With so many cuts and variations available, there’s sure to be one that works for you.

Tousled Waves

Tousled waves are one of my favorite hairstyles to wear with a round face. The best part about them is that they’re easy to achieve! You can either let your hair air dry and then style it, or you can blow dry it until it’s damp and then use a curling iron. Either way, you’ll end up with perfect tousled waves. This look is also great because it’s low maintenance: simply run your fingers through your hair when you wake up in the morning and go! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Undercut Pixie

The Undercut Pixie looks best on those with a small, round face. The one-length cut gives your hair a squarer, more angular shape and draws attention to your eyes. This is also a good style if you are naturally thin; it will add fullness to your look. To keep from looking like you’re wearing a bowl cut, opt for long side bangs with short layers around your face. In other words, you’ll have to trim the hair on the modified pixie multiple times a year, and may have to shave the head often. You will, however, look fabulous while you’re growing your hair out.

Long Layers Cut Straight Across

Long layers are flattering to a round face because they help to slim your face while adding volume to your hair. A cut straight across with long layers is a great choice if you want movement and don’t mind spending some time styling your hair each morning. This can be a low-maintenance hairstyle as well, though, so if you’re really in need of something quick and easy to pull off each day, consider rocking long layers.One downside of this hairstyle is that it is not suited for short-haired people. However, nowadays with the booming hair extension industry, bulk hair product is not unfamiliar. It’s possible to go to a hair salon or a retail hair store to find the best hair extensions for you!

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