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Nude nails are one of the most popular types of manicures and with good reason! They’re incredibly versatile and flattering, ranging from soft and subtle to bold and daring. No matter what look you’re going for, the nude polish can take you there easily and without standing out too much or being too much of a focal point. To make your decision that much easier, we put together this roundup of the best nude color nails!

How to choose the perfect shade of your nude nail polish

The trick to making sure you’re choosing a nude nail polish color that works for your skin tone is knowing your undertones since every person has different undertones. If you have light skin and are looking for a nude nail polish shade, you can use pink or light mauve shades. If you have medium skin and want to choose a pinkish-nude color. Try to pick something with green in it; if you have dark skin and want to wear a brownish-nude shade, look for an orange hue.

How to make your nail art complement your nail polish

The next time you’re dying to paint your nails but feel overwhelmed by all of your nail polish options, take a moment to ask yourself what you want them to say about you. If you answered that question with something like I want my nails to look effortless, professional, and chic then consider going with a nude color. This neutral shade will allow your outfits, jewelry, and accessories to do all of the talking. For example, if it was summertime consider going for an opaque creamy white color or a light gray is perfect for winter. Regardless of which way you decide to go make sure that your nail polish compliments your outfit as well as your personality!

How to pick shades for nude color nails

There’s no shortage of nude colors on drugstore shelves these days, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them all. Before testing any out, keep in mind that your skin tone is just as important as your hair color when choosing a nail shade. You want to go for a hue that flatters your overall complexion and isn’t too close to your natural tone. Keep it simple with one neutral color or choose a variety of shades for some fun and flair. Either way, follow these instructions on how to pick shades that suit you

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