The History of Promise Rings

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Promise rings first entered the modern era in the 1980s, and they’ve gained popularity ever since. Now, you can find promise rings for sale in almost any store that sells jewelry. Whether it’s a jewelry store or your local Target or Walmart location. A promise ring has traditionally been seen as an alternative to engagement rings. This ring is for people who aren’t married but who have engaged in other types of long-term relationships.

Victorian Age

In Victorian times, a woman was considered pure only until she married. This belief created an uncomfortable situation for women who desired to remain chaste before marriage. It resulted in them wearing promise rings to prove their commitment to remaining pure until marriage. Since wedding bands were given by a man, men began giving promise rings to their future brides as well as other women they respected.

Why did men give rings?

When one is ready to settle down and marry a partner, a man will often give his future bride a ring. The ring will be considered a sign of his commitment to her. This act marks his promise to love and care for her, protect her, and cherish her throughout their life together. Today, men give promise rings to show their partners that they are committed to marriage. Both men and women wear promise rings today (instead of engagement rings). In Western culture, it is more common for women to wear a promise ring.

Edwardian age (1900-1910)

During the early 1900s, the practice of wearing engagement rings was well-established among newly engaged couples. However, young people were facing a new dilemma—what gift to give they’re betrothed before they were married? This was problematic because many found it inappropriate to give engagement rings to their fiancés until they had become engaged officially. Many considered giving an engagement ring as a way to publicly declare one’s intentions.

World War I period

During World War I, women wore a variety of jewelry. They wore jewelry to show their commitment to loved ones who were fighting overseas. A ring was commonly given to signify a woman’s loyalty to her husband while he was away at war. It was believed that she would wear her engagement ring on her left hand so that if an enemy soldier killed him, it would be easier for her left hand to fall off if she tried to stop them from taking it.

Roaring 20s (1920-1930)

No one is sure when or where it all started, but promise rings have a long history.  Early promise rings are believed to have been given between young men and women who had mutual feelings for each other but weren’t ready for marriage. Promises usually consisted of engagements that were longer than a traditional engagement period

Great Depression and World War II (1930–1945)

During these hard times, young people often exchanged promise rings to symbolize their commitment to wait until marriage before becoming physically intimate. At that time, sexual intercourse before marriage was considered socially unacceptable, especially for women. Mom jewelry became popular at that time and was made from inexpensive materials.

Modern Era (Post WWII till Today)

During WWII, it was not uncommon for a girl to go into a jewelry store and buy herself a promise ring. She would tell her boyfriend that she wanted one. Then, he would buy it for her as his way of demonstrating to her how serious he was about their relationship. And while most men these days don’t view their engagement rings as promise rings—showing both to be signs of love and commitment—that term is still used in the modern day.

The Meaning Behind Your Promise Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and even better when they come attached to a message of love. A promise ring is not about diamonds. It is about making promises to one another. When you wear your promise ring, you are sending a message that you love him and want others to know.
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