The Surprising Benefits of Cucumber for Skin

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If you suffer from the occasional breakout, you know how annoying it can be to find something that works. While oatmeal has long been used to treat acne, there are plenty of other foods and ingredients that can help your skin without the negative side effects of traditional medications. One of these surprising benefits of cucumber for skin? It can soothe redness and breakouts. You’ll want to read on to learn more about how cucumber can be your new go-to beauty tool!

1. Hydration

As we’ve said before, a good way to get more skin-benefiting antioxidants is through foods like cukes. But another great benefit of cukes is their hydrating properties. This is because cucumbers contain silica, which helps your skin cells hold on to water—and since 80% of your body’s water is stored in your skin, it’s no surprise that silica can help you maintain healthy, hydrated skin and prevent wrinkles.

2. Soothing

Cucumbers are a natural skin soother, both because they contain silica, which moisturizes skin and hair, and also due to their cool temperature. The water content in cucumbers is 84%, meaning they can hydrate skin better than most lotions or creams on your bathroom shelf. Additionally, cucumbers contain ascorbic acid—the same compound that makes green vegetables like broccoli and spinach so good for you—which can act as an antioxidant to fight off free radicals that break down collagen and lead to wrinkles. Try adding slices of fresh cucumber to homemade facial masks with honey (or other hydrating ingredients) for soothing your face during the dry winter months.

3. Reducing Blemishes

As a natural astringent, cucumbers help dry out excess oil in your skin and reduce blemishes. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and irritation. Plus, as you might expect from a vegetable high in water content, cucumbers contain plenty of antioxidants that slow down skin aging by fighting damage caused by free radicals. When using cucumbers on your face be sure to wash thoroughly before—or after—you apply them so you don’t leave behind any dirt or other particles that can clog pores or otherwise irritate your skin.

4. Nourishing

In addition to being naturally moisturizing, cucumbers also have properties that can help your skin retain moisture. The vitamins and minerals in cucumbers work together to make your skin healthy and hydrated. Additionally, when consumed as a regular part of your diet, cucumbers provide you with plenty of beauty-boosting vitamins and nutrients that keep your skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating on their own – but adding them to a refreshing cup of watermelon water will give you an extra boost. Watermelon is another hydrating fruit with similar benefits for beautiful skin. And boosting or replacing some sugary beverages with cucumber water – will also help you avoid added sugar from soda or other sweetened drinks which can promote aging.

5. Relieving puffiness

If you spend your nights sleeping in awkward positions or rubbing your eyes, you’re more likely to wake up with puffy eyelids. To help reduce puffiness, cut a piece of cucumber and apply it to your eyelids. The coolness will help reduce swelling. If you’re short on time in the morning, keep a small piece of cucumber in your refrigerator and place it over your eyes when needed. By cooling down just one part of your face, you can avoid puffy eyelids as soon as they occur—instead of waking up looking like Bozo the Clown.

6. Reducing Tension

Your skin will thank you if you eat cucumbers every day. You’ll notice a positive difference in your complexion in as little as four weeks. Since cucumbers are loaded with antioxidants, they help neutralize free radicals that cause your skin to look dull. Also, cucumbers contain silica and magnesium, which strengthen connective tissue like collagen and elastin fibers—two essential components that keep your skin firm and bright.

7. Firming Skin

Whether it’s caused by a hot shower or dry indoor heat, some people experience dry, dehydrated hands and cuticles. If that happens to you, apply pure cucumber juice to your hands before bedtime. The next morning, they should feel plump and smooth! Also, try applying fresh cucumber slices on your nails overnight. By morning, they should be stronger and harder.

8. Rehydrating Hands and Cuticles

Dehydrated skin can easily wrinkle and lose its elasticity, which is why moisturizing is a must. Rehydrating your hands and cuticles with a cucumber facial mask will provide a good dose of much-needed moisture. Blend one part fresh, coarsely chopped cucumber to two parts Greek yogurt and add in some honey for an even more hydrating recipe. Be sure to refrigerate beforehand as warm ingredients may cause damage to your skin. Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Be careful not to get any in your eyes or mouth! We recommend doing your face mask at night before you go to bed—it will help relax you and make falling asleep easier when all those pesky worries are out of your head.

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