Top Nail Art Designs to Inspire You

Nail art can be so much fun, whether you’re getting it done at the salon or doing it yourself at home. These top 9 nail art designs are sure to inspire you, whether you’re looking for a cute and flirty look or something edgier and more provocative! Keep reading to find out more!

1) Rainbow Gradient

These nail art designs look like a rainbow and are so fun! They’re perfect for summer or spring. To try it, paint your nails three different colors: one darker, one medium, and one lighter. Then use tape as a guide (like in our example) or draw little lines with a toothpick to create a rainbow gradient. The order of colors is up to you! Give them a glossy top coat once they’ve dried and no one will ever believe you painted your nails yourself.

2) French Tip

If you’re looking for something basic and timeless, try a French manicure nail art. This classic design is elegant and simple, but still eye-catching. It’s also ideal if you have short nails because it requires little time or effort to do properly. All you need is some white nail polish (regular or gel will work), a small brush and your chosen color of polish. First, paint one coat of white over your entire nail. Then wait until it dries before painting an even coat of your color polish on top. If you want an extra pop of color, pick a bright shade like hot pink or any other color that goes well with white .

3) Marble Gradient

A marble gradient nails art design is perfect for that special occasion you’ve been meaning to go out and have some fun. To achieve a marble look, apply a base coat and your favorite color of nail polish on your thumb, index finger, and pinky. Then apply two different shades of purple with a striper brush on your middle and ring fingers. Finish by applying top coat on all nails except your pinky. Then dip your brush in nail polish remover right over the nail polish—the thinner consistency will help create an ombre effect when it dries!

4) Skittle Polish Stack

Here’s a whimsical look that only requires four colors of polish. Paint each nail with two coats of a base color. Let dry completely, then layer a second coat over each nail and while it’s still wet. Then drop some additional colors from your stack onto different nails. Finish by stamping an image on each nail using coordinating nail art polish. (For example, paint or stamp hearts on one finger, circles on another and triangles on another.) Then finish your manicure with a clear topcoat for extra shine.

5) Water Colour Monochrome

This is another best nail art designs ideas for beginners. All you need is a toothpick and dotting tool. Paint one color at a time, don’t let it dry in between, or else your color will start to run into each other. Always remember paint one layer of polish at a time, or you may end up with bubbles in your design. If you have trouble doing straight lines freehand, dip your toothpick in some white polish first, then paint over that layer. Let all of your polishes fully dry before you do anything else so that they don’t smear together!

6) Glitter Acrylic Nails

This nail art design will look fabulous on your finger nails, or if you’re feeling adventurous go for a full manicure. It’s especially nice because it’s very subtle but still makes a statement. All you need is: – Black nail polish – Top coat – Pink pen (or any color) – A piece of card Then follow these simple steps: 1) Paint your nails black. 2) Use your pink pen and draw lines across each nail horizontally, and then a diagonal line across each nail vertically, creating X shapes on all of your nails. 3) Apply top coat 4) Give yourself some time to admire your handiwork!

7) Scripted Monochrome Brows

What do you know about brows? Odds are, even if you’re a beauty aficionado, you might not have heard of these. A little education can go a long way when it comes to giving your face an instant lift. Brows frame your face, provide shading and help soften facial features. They can also draw attention to or away from different parts of your face. Monochrome Brows work well with both light-colored and dark-colored hair. Because they are basically just shadowing without any additional color added in. This particular design has been trending on social media, which means it is more prominent than ever before.

8) Neon Abstract Brows

Glitter isn’t exactly nails-only, but it’s certainly a nail artist’s best friend. Start with a thin coat of clear polish on your nails. Once dry, apply a coat of your favorite glittery polish and top with another coat of clear polish.

9) Stripes And Stiletto Shapes

Stripes and stiletto shapes have always been an essential part of nail art designs. The contrast they create looks amazing on short nails, while longer ones can rock these elegant shapes all year round. Choosing a shade is as easy as  since you can choose them in almost any color and add a little sparkle. If you want to make your manicure stand out from others, try some unusual combinations like silver and white stripes . Stripes are also great for creating a subtle three-dimensional look: add two or three thin layers of polish onto your nails and then carefully brush some clear coat over it with an angle brush so that only parts of each nail have polish while others are coated in clear coat instead.

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