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We’ve all had it happen—you go to the salon and get a new manicure, but as soon as you get home and see it in natural light, you find out that they picked the wrong color. Maybe your skin has more yellow or pink undertones than you thought, or the salon just picked something that isn’t really flattering with your skin tone and eye color. So how do you tell them without causing an embarrassing scene? Here are ten great nude nails ideas that can be easily translated into colors and styles that will flatter your skin tone—no awkward trips to the salon required!

Best Solid Nude Color

OPI nail lacquer in You Don’t Know Jacques is a classic, but you can find similar shades at any drugstore. This shade will work with all skin tones and will always feel fresh. If you want something a little more understated, try Essie nail lacquer in Sand Tropez. Essie polishes are also consistently top-notch and long-lasting for people who do their own nails on a regular basis.

Nude Nails Ombre Effect

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ombre, it’s a process of fading one color into another. Use an angled nail art brush and carefully add nude tones around your tips until you reach your desired effect. Just be sure not to completely paint over your natural nail color! For a variation on ombre, try an ombre gradient instead. Simply transition from one shade of nude into another.

Best French Manicure Designs

This classic manicure is easy, low-maintenance and doesn’t require any fancy tools or techniques. Plus, French manicures look amazing with almost every skin tone, so whether you have pale skin or a dark complexion, you can pull off a French mani without fail.

Best Dark Polishes

I used Essie’s Penny Talk for my manicure (it’s a great nude polish), but I wanted a little extra something. I pulled out some silver holographic glitter and added that overtop of one coat of Penny Talk. It really helped give a metallic look to my nails. Then, I just did two coats of Penny Talk on all my nails, and a couple clear coats at night to make sure everything stuck around for a few days.

Best Glitter Designs

Glitter has been popping up everywhere on nails and it’s easy to see why! Glitter nails add a bit of flair and glamour that can be worn at any time of year. For these glitter looks, you’ll need a nail polish with a textured finish, such as crackle or matte. Paint your nails in base coat or none (or use a different colored polish) then apply glitter with a brush or toothpick.

Best Floral Design for Nude Nails

One of my favorite things about spring is that it brings beautiful new blossoms into bloom. While there are many ways to incorporate flowers into your nails, I like to use them as accents on a solid nude color base. This style allows me to achieve a simple but eye-catching manicure that’s also pretty and wearable all year long. To pull off these floral designs, you’ll need three easy-to-use products: basecoat, polish, and nail stickers or vinyls.

Best Leopard Print Designs

Leopard print isn’t just for clothes. Leopard-print nails are a really cute way to add something fun and daring to your look. Do them with a simple French manicure or dress them up with some white nails with tiny rhinestones on top. Either way, they’re chic and sexy—what more could you want?

Best Black Tips Designs

If you’re looking for something edgy, then opt for a set of black tips with white or beige nail polish. This look is just as popular in fashion and can make you feel like a bad-ass in front of your co-workers. The great thing about it is that it allows you to change up your designs every few days so that your clients won’t get bored of seeing them.

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