I applied the Cardi B hair mask onto my three-day-old hair, which tends to be oily at the scalp and frizzy and dry at the ends. If I want to keep the oily scalp away for at least two days, I need to use a good shampoo and conditioner. So with this mask, I hope to both moisturize my dry ends and leave my hair looking fresher longer. Seeing the transformation the mask had on Cardi’s hair was an extra boost for me and my hair and we were both ready to Cardi it up!

Process Of Preparation of  Cardi B’s Hair Mask

I just added all the ingredients to a blender and blended them until I achieved a creamy, semi-liquid consistency. The avocado, mayonnaise, and banana are needed to keep this hair mask firm and provide a better texture. If you’re as unlucky as I am and have to worry about smelling like eggs and mayo, worry not! The oils, avocado, and honey mask the other ingredients’ smells so you won’t be noticed

How to Apply Cardi B Hair Mask in Hair?

I applied this mask to my hair by simply massaging it into hair with my fingers, but you might want to use your hands. As the mask is more difficult to work with because of its consistency, it is more appropriate to divide the hair into small sections and then coat the scalp to the tip.

After fifteen minutes, I rinsed out the mask and washed it with shampoo and conditioner. I let my hair air dry and examined it in the light of day.


Though my hair felt softer and shinier than usual, frizz-free, two days later it was oily as ever, crushing my dreams of hydrated, fresh hair.

In the end, Cardi B’s Hair Mask This hair mask is easy to create, easy to apply, and easy to wash off. I would recommend applying it to my hair every few weeks because my hair needs hydration and this provides that. It was perfect for me.


My first time using it! Gave me new life in my hair. I am so happy I found out about it, 2 months later my hair is growing out already!! So excited to get my sew-in now!! – Nada K.

I’m a big fan of all their products but especially love that their moisturizers are natural and not full of chemicals. The Cardi B hair mask has been great for my dry ends. It has helped them become less brittle and softer after just one use! – Jenny S.

This product smells amazing!!! I have been seeing results with only two uses…I will be buying again!!!! – Nikki C. This stuff works! Been using it for two weeks & can tell a difference in texture & thickness. Love that it’s all-natural & cruel-free! Thank you! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕🌸 – Rene M.

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