White Nails For The Girls

White nails are usually chosen by women who want to look feminine, mature, and classy. When paired with red lipstick and black clothing, they turn heads! But when can you wear white nails? For some women, it’s not just about having the nail polish in their purse at all times, but about having the right occasion to wear them. So when exactly can you flaunt those gorgeous white fingernails? Check out this guide on why you should wear white nails for the girls!

1. They are classic

When you’re getting ready for a night out, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your nails match your outfit; in fact, wearing white nail polish will make sure that you have a classic look. Plus, it won’t matter if something spills on your hands during dinner! With other colors, it can be hard to tell if something is on your hands or nail polish. But with white nail polish, everyone will know that these are just nails!

2. They make you stand out

Wearing white nail polish is a surefire way to make yourself stand out from other girls. If you want to look at it from a logical standpoint, remember that your nails are one of the biggest pieces of visual real estate on your body. And yet many women either don’t pay much attention to their nails or stick with basic color schemes like red or pink when choosing hues for their talons.

3. They look great in a variety of colors

Wearing white nails is a great way to pair different colors with your outfit and make a bold statement. Your friends will have fun with you when picking outfits, as they will easily be able to decide which color would match your nails. And you don’t have to worry about going out in matching clothes! While I love coordinating my outfit with my girlfriends, there are times when coordinating just isn’t an option. When wearing white nails, it is easy to coordinate what you wear without changing your entire look!

4. They’re great for photos

Nothing says I’m ready for a formal event quite like white nails. There’s something about them that screams put on your gown, sit down in your limo, and pour yourself some champagne! And if you’re headed to a wedding soon, consider rocking white nails as a subtle way to tell all of your single friends (and all of their jealous dates) that they should hook up with each other! Tell them we said it was okay…

5. Mix it up by wearing metallic versions!

Switching up your nail color is a great way to stay on-trend, but if you’re looking to stun, opt for metallic versions of your favorite hues. They pack on major shine and can be paired with other fun-factor accessories like statement earrings. Metallic nails are still a mani/Pedi staple, so go ahead and try one out—you’ll love how they make your hands look instantly glamorous!

6. Layer White Nails over neon colors for an extra pop

If you think that white nails are too plain and boring, layer them over an intense neon color for some added fun. It’s a great way to let your nail shine in any environment, from work to a night out with friends. Start by painting your fingers and toenails white, then wait until they’re completely dry before layering on a thick coat of neon paint for a colorful effect.

7. White Nails with gold glitter brings sophistication

Perfect for parties and formal occasions, white nails with a hint of gold glitter are a great way to add some sophistication to your outfit. But don’t worry; they’re still youthful and fun, especially when matched with colorful accessories and summery dresses. And they aren’t just appropriate for adults—they can make even young girls look glamorous!

8. Don’t forget to match your cuticles and use a white polish on the tips!

No matter what color of polish you’re using, it’s essential to match your cuticles to your pedicure color and make sure they look clean and fresh. If you’re not wearing any color on your toes, matching nail polish with your fingernails will do fine. But if you have dark-colored toes, keep that in mind when choosing your manicure. Otherwise, you might end up going for a much lighter or darker shade than you had intended.

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