Indian Girl wearing Purple dress

Purple dresses are one of the hottest trends to hit the fashion industry. Though only in their first year on the runways, purple dresses are rapidly catching on as the hottest style item in history. Some might say it’s because purple brings out the blue in your eyes, and others might say it’s because they simply look awesome. However, why purple specifically? What’s so special about this color? Is there some deep, historical meaning behind why you should wear purple? Or, perhaps something more? Read on to find out!

Wearing Purple will Give You Confidence

The color purple has been used to symbolize royalty, wisdom, and ambition. It is known as one of the spiritual colors associated with meditation and has been said to be capable of bringing good fortune. Wearing a purple dress will give you confidence in yourself. You will gain courage by wearing something that represents power which in turn makes your personality shine through when you’re wearing an item that fits nicely into your wardrobe.

Wearing Purple Can Help You Stand Out in Any Room

It can be easy to get lost in a crowd, especially if there are large groups of people. Instead of blending in, wearing something purple or blue can help you stand out and attract attention. In an interview or at an event, it will make people remember your presence and make them think of your brand. It gives you the confidence to know that others see you as well-dressed, even if they don’t have much else to say about it.

Wearing Purple Color is Associated With Royalty

According to fashion expert June Ambrose, The color purple has been associated with royalty. The royal hue was even popularized in 1865 when British queen Victoria, who liked to wear bright violet and lilac gowns, married her German prince consort, Prince Albert. In addition to its royal heritage, experts agree that purple is also super flattering on all skin tones and adds vibrancy to your everyday outfit. You can’t go wrong with it!

Famous Celebrities and Royalty Have Been Wearing Purple Dresses for Years

Purple has been associated with royalty and power for thousands of years. In Ancient Rome, purple was reserved for only high-ranking Roman senators. Purple has also been historically associated with wealth, which makes sense as it is more expensive to produce than other colors. Today, Royalty is still wearing their crowns in Purple–and so are celebrities! Fashion icons such as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (Prince William’s Wife) have worn their regal dresses in stunning shades of Purple.

How to Choose The Perfect Piece

Whether it’s your first night out on the town or an evening with your special someone, finding the one can be a tricky task. While not all dresses fit all body types, there are some basics to consider when selecting any piece to build your look around. For example, remember that simplicity is key—don’t choose something with too many details like ribbons or excess fabric as these features will only distract from your overall look.

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