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Glitter nails are the latest fashion trend in nail art, and there are many reasons why you should definitely try them out! Not only are they a super-easy way to express your creativity and artistic side, but they also make your nails look extra glamorous and eye-catching when you’re dressed up for a night out with friends or your significant other. Read on to find out more about glitter nails and why you should definitely make them part of your regular beauty routine!

1. People will know who you are

There’s something so attractive about someone who knows what they like. It shows confidence, individuality and flair. The type of person that isn’t afraid to wear glitter on their nails is going to bring those same qualities into their personal and professional lives. They aren’t going to be shy about asking for a raise or calling out inappropriate behavior at work. Your friends will want to know what makes you tick because you are never boring, always passionate and interesting.

2. They last long

In comparison to regular nail polish, glitter nails last longer and can stay on for up to 2 weeks without chipping or peeling. This is due to its ability to form a protective layer around your nails when you apply it. It also does not dry as quickly as normal nail polish so there is no need to wait for your nails before doing other things! Many also find that it lasts longer if used with a base coat of clear polish.

3. The are beautiful to look at

If you’re a girly girl and like to put on makeup then it is very likely that your friends will ask if you painted your nails. The answer may be yes, but you are actually using glitter nail polish. This type of polish isn’t just pretty to look at; it comes in lots of different colors and designs as well. There are also two different types: loose glitter and press-on glitter nails.

4. They come in many different colors

One of my favorite things about glitter nails is that they come in so many different colors. If you’re feeling like a change and want to rock some color on your nails, instead of going for another solid color, why not go with glitter? One popular way to do that is by using color-changing nail polish that shifts from a light purple to pink (or any other combination) when in contact with UV light.

5. They’re inexpensive

Nail art is probably one of most inexpensive forms of artistic expression there is, so if you’re an artist looking for a new medium to work with or a broke-ass like me, you can’t go wrong. But if you don’t have time to DIY your manicure, prices range from $10 (for one nail) to upwards of $20 at some salons.

6. There are many ways to wear them

They are easy to match with clothes, and you can even match nail polish with hair styles and outfits. Moreover, there are thousands of sparkles to choose from, depending on your mood and outfit. If you have decided to wear glitter nails at a party or a formal event, remember that some sparkles should be worn during night time while others look better in daylight. For example, golden glitter nails are great for evening parties but may not look good in sunlight.


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